2013 Blog Circle: Food Photography

For our CM February Challenge the subject this month was Food Photography!  I’m often asked “how do you make such awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies”… so here are the answers:

Start with fabulous ingredients… Tillamook butter (always at room temperature), real Nestle chocolate chip cookies and Walnuts!  And as for the recipe… there is only one recipe to follow and that is the Toll House recipe right on the back of the Nestle’s bag!


When it comes to making cookies … there’s no doubt about it… my KitchenAid mixer is the only way to go.  I LOVE that mine is on a stand that pops up from under my cabinet and when I’m done I just release 2 levers and it springs back down under my island!  NIFTY, huh?



My next tool of choice is my pampered chef scoop.  These come in 2 sizes… I use the smaller one for cookies (the larger one I use for scooping muffin mix).  Very convenient! web-Cookies4

Onto a Silpat baking sheet.  Costco had these for sale at Christmas time this year… if you ever see these – grab them fast!  They make baking a delight!


375 degrees for 11 minutes or until golden brown.  Check to make sure!  And just for those of you looking really really close.  This is me with the timer in one hand and Off-camera flash inside of my oven!  Practing my OCF skills!  And NO the oven was off at the time!


Cookies are always served best with a glass of milk.

This blog post is dedicated to my wonderful Mom who always had cookies ready for me when I got home from school as a child.  Even when she worked long days I always knew there would be cookies in the cookie jar.

And to Gretchen… even though she is gone… the “You are Special Today” plate tradition will live on for future generations!\


To see Debbie’s blog on Food Photography follow this link:  Focused Hearts


10 thoughts on “2013 Blog Circle: Food Photography

  1. This is fantastic Dawne 🙂 There truly is nothing better than chocolate chip cookies and milk! [Ps..I’m super jealous of your hideaway shelf for your mixer ;)]

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  3. Dawne, you are so beautiful and look like you stepped out of a magazine for this post! I’m very impressed with the OCF in the oven, what a creative idea!!! Those cookies look delicious. Great job on this month’s challenge!!!

  4. Makes me want to go make some cookies 🙂 I love that you are in the photos….and your kitchen is awesome! The shelf to put your mixer on is genius! Beautiful!

  5. Wow Dawn, this is so fantastic!! Your cookie’s look absolutely delicious, and I love how you chose to present them on the Special Day plate! (we have that plate too) 🙂

    Your kitchen is amazing!! I’m so envious of the double ovens and your fancy mixer cabinet!! I will have to look into that and see if one can be added to my kitchen, because my mixer is so heavy to lift and carry from the pantry, and if I leave it out it takes up counter space I need for other things!
    And you my darling look so Beautiful!!

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