Blog Challenge – Humanizing the Non Human

September’s Challenge over at ClickinMom’s was “Humanizing the Non-Human”.  I found this more challenging than I thought it would be.  I had ideas swirling in my head but client obligations kept me from getting overly creative.

Without further ado… let me introduce “sock monkey”.  He’s full of personality and not as easily poseable as one would think!  Sock monkey has a bit of an attitude – perhaps he is a bit tired of Max dragging him around by his leg.

sock monkey low res Sock monkey2  low res

Speaking of Max… we all knew he would make his appearance in this post.  Don’t tell Max he is a “Non Human”.  Truly he is unaware of this fact.  No posing was required for this image.  I simply picked up my camera – and took the shot.  Please note the head on the pillow… yes… he insists only laying on the couch just like this!  Spoiled Boy! This is Max everyday.  I could get up from my computer right now… and go do it again.

Max1 Low Res

And finally – not sure how humanizing this one is… but I shot it just for fun.  The return to my favorite rock… this time in the fall.  I call this one “Lion King”!  I miss seeing these little toys all over the house.  I had to dig through a long lost toy box just to find this one!   lion king low res

To see how Debbie viewed this challenge – check out here blog post here



9 thoughts on “Blog Challenge – Humanizing the Non Human

  1. These are fantastic! That sock monkey cracks me up! I can totally relate to your pup needing a pillow, when it cools down by us my “fuzzy-human” labrador will wake me up to cover her up if her blankie falls off!

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  3. Dawn, you rocked this challenge!! I love your creativeness……Lion King is great, and the sock monkey is just so hilarious! Your sweet Max looks so peaceful and content laying there on the couch!! I think every dog deserves a special place in the home! 🙂

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